About Us

Welcome To Fish-o-Fish

Experience a whole new way of shopping Fish & Sea Food products. We started as a small enterprise in 1989 and the brand was established in 1994. There has been no turning back since then and have been offering our products with consistency and quality to all our customers.

Fish ‘O’ Fish, a chain of high-quality stores caters to all your needs for Sea foods and more. Fish ‘O’ Fish brings you spacious, hygienic and pleasing outlets complete with modern amenities that offer you  a wide variety of sea food products at very competitive prices and at locations closer to your home. You can also order home delivery of the products, which will be fulfilled promptly.

At Fish ‘O’ Fish enjoy the experience of selecting from a range of fresh Fish and other sea food products as per your choice and at your convenience. What’s more, all this comes to you with assured quality and with a hygiene guarantee.

Our range of high quality Fish products*  includes: Seer fish, Sea Bass, Cobia, Shark, Tuna, Black Pomfret, White Pomfret, Chinese Pomfret, Sea Bream, Barracuda, Indian Mackerel, Indian Salmon, Indian Halibut, King Fish, White Fish, Emperor, Trevally, Goat Fish, Grouper, Anchovy, Pony Fish, Katla, Rogu, Hilsa, Mullet, Pearl Spot, Squid, Red Snapper, Live Mud Crab, Sea Crab, Tiger Prawns, White Prawns, Lobster.